Crazy Christmas Week

The week before our Christmas Break, our students are welcome to come to class decked out in all of their favorite Christmas attire! They can wear a Christmas dress, jingle bells, Santa hats, Christmas bows, tinsel, or anything else that is fun and full of Christmas cheer! Even the TEACHERS are going to dress up with you! You will still need to be able to dance in your Crazy Christmas outfit, so please be sure to wear your leotard and tights underneath your dress up clothes!  

In addition to the regular class work we will have some fun Christmas activities and a Christmas party! Your child is welcome to bring pre-packaged snacks (nothing too messy) or homemade treats for the other students. Please note you are NOT required to send anything for the class! You will be getting a note sent home per class that includes the number of students in the class and any class allergies in case you do plan on bringing a snack!