Class Descriptions


2 Year Old Class-
30 min dance class of Ballet and Creative Movement.
Designed for toddlers to help build gross motor coordination and listening skills with the use of music, creative movement, and props.

3-4 Year Old Combo-
45 min class of Ballet and Tap.
A creative movement class designed to enhance gross motor development, listening skills, rhythm, and creativity.

5-6 Year Old Combo-
60 min class of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.
A class created to begin teaching core technique,  with barre exercises, traveling combinations, turns, and choreography.

7-10 Year Old Combo-
60 min . class of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.
A continuation of 5-7 year old curriculum, with added difficulty and faster tempos.


These classes are for dancers ages 8—up, except for Hip Hop which starts at age 5!! They are designed to teach core technique, turns, leaps, strength, flexibility, and knowledge of terminology and dance history through barre work, center work, across the floor exercises, and choreography. Some classes also offer students the opportunity to begin learning choreography techniques and history through 1-2 week studies and may provide the opportunity to experience an audition for a lead role in our productions.   

Ballet Technique Levels 1-2 –
 Ballet is a style of performance dance which formalized in France and Russia. It is a highly technical form of dance which serves as the foundation for most other types of dance and has it’s own terminology in the French language. In the first 3 levels of ballet technique class, the five basic positions are introduced and the foundations of ballet are established. Basic terminology, placement, flexibility exercises, and muscle conditioning work are taught. Advancement is based on teacher recommendation, age, or both.

Ballet 3&4/Pre-Pointe-
 Pre-pointe class offers continuing ballet technique as well as pointe readiness training. this class allows the instructor to assess the student’s preparedness to enter into the beginning pointe class. In addition to technique training, emphasis is placed on ankle, core, and feet strengthening. Proper placement, balance, turnout, and alignment are continually evaluated to ensure complete stability before going en pointe.

Ballet 5/Beginning Pointe-
 The beginning pointe class serves as the student’s 1st and 2nd years en pointe. Students are placed in this class upon the teacher’s recommendation only. The first 2 months are spent in soft shoes as proper evaluations are made for pointe readiness. Beginning pointe work begins at the barre only for stability and safety purposes. This barre work will continue well into the second semester and then basic center pointe work will begin.

Ballet 6/Advanced Pointe-
 The advanced pointe class is for students who have successfully completed either one or two years in the beginning pointe class and who are ready to advance based on teacher’s recommendation. This class if for the most advanced dancer, knowledgeable in technique, terminology, placement, and a high skill level.

 Modern dance, often closely associated with Contemporary dance, employs a special technique for developing the use of the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas. It is characterized by body movements and rhythms less formalized than classical ballet, and seeks to discover new ways of using music and sound in relation to movement.

Based on African rhythms, Broadway, and classic jazz styles and techniques which isolate various parts of the body in movement.

Tap technique focusing on rhythms.

With a combination of ballet and jazz technique, students are taught that a lyrical dancer is to use gesture, facial expression, and controlled movements in order to execute their movements and emotions fully.

Hip Hop-
These classes are full of funky, fast paced dance moves and choreography. All classes are taught with clean music and appropriate dance moves while still learning this popular style.

A technique based class with a unique blend of strength, flexibility, and control. students will learn skills such as proper body alignment, core focus, and overall technique. they will also learn tricks such as cartwheels, handstands, chest rolls, and backbends which can progress into more advanced skills such as ariels, walkovers, and contortion inspired variations.


* In order to maintain a level of excellence in students technique and dance as a whole, Lyrical and Modern can only be taken in addition to at least 1 hour of ballet class per week. 

*Class placement is determined based on age, level of technique, and teacher recommendation. Therefore classes may have a wide range of student ages. 

*Please note: The number next to class name does not refer to a certain level, but may change according to the number of classes needed to accommodate number of students enrolled. For example: a student may be in Ballet 2 three years in a row, this does not mean they have not advanced.