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We want to thank you for choosing to participate in our Dance Sister Program!! We are so excited for another year of fun memories to be made with your dance sister! It is very important that you try to participate in all of the events throughout the year. It is unfair to the girls that sign up and want to participate, to have a sister that does not participate. We understand that sometimes you will have other conflicts with our events, in that case please let us know ahead of time that you cannot attend so that we can have another sister take your place for the event. Thank you!!

Big Sister Little Sister 2015-2016 Fall Event Schedule

October 30 4:30-6:00pm - Meet & Greet Party and Practice
Come meet your big or little sister and learn a dance! It is very important that you attend this practice! This will be your chance to meet and get to know your sister. You will also be learning the dance you will be performing at the nursing home!

November 13 - Nursing Home Practice
Big/Lil sis practice will be held at the dance studio for your groups given time:
   -Group 1:Friday practice 4:30-5:00pm, Saturday performance @ Sterling House 9:30am
   -Group 2: Friday practice 5:00-5:30pmSaturday performance @ the Brookfield TBA
   -Group 3: Friday practice 5:30-6:00pm Saturday performance @ Veterans Center 1:30pm

November 14 - Nursing Home Performance
  -Group 1:Brookdale/Sterling House 9:30am
   -Group 2: Brookfield TBA
   -Group 3: Veterans Center 1:30pm

December 7-10 - Christmas Cookie Exchange
Please bring 1 dozen of your favorite cookies to your sister’s class, or leave it at the front desk with name on them for us to deliver. In past years some chose to give a special gift along with the cookies. If you choose to give an additional gift (NOT REQUIRED), please limit cost to $10. We will also send home a letter about this event closer to the actual date.